Wednesday, February 15, 2012

How to Remove Google Redirect Virus

If you have ever tested to visit a specific website only to find your web browser redirecting itself to a different website without your consent, you've likely been infected with a redirect virus. This serious piece of code redirects your Web inquiries without your permission in an effort to get you to buy software that doesn't process or click on ads to give money for the people who written the virus. You can remove this virus without spending money with the help of some free software and tools.

  • Reboot your computer into Safe Mode by restarting it, pressing the "F8" key when it starts up and selecting the "Safe Mode with Networking" option.

  • Log on with an account that has administrator privileges, open a web browser and proceed to download Malwarebytes using the link in the Resources section. Malwarebytes is a highly valued free software program that will help you to remove the redirect virus from your computer.

  • Install Malwarebytes. At the end of the installation process, secure that both check boxes are checked so that it will download updates and then start up.

  • Use the Scan option to run a full system scan on your computer. Remove any infections that are seen and close the program.
  • Go to the Trend Micro House Call website. This site offers a free online virus scanner that will scan your computer through a small browser applet. Follow the instructions on the site and complete a full system scan. This scan can take different hours to complete, but once finished, remove any infections or viruses that are found.

  • Restart your computer and provide it to boot up normally. Open your Web browser and confirm that you are no longer affected by the redirect virus. If you are, perform these removal steps again. You may have to repeat these steps in several times to order and remove the virus completely, depending on what type of virus you have and how severely your system is infected.

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